October 9, 2017



We professionally make tours in different shapes, giving our customers unforgettable moments.

It’s possible to book the tour in English, French, Italian or Spanish.

The Cuba on Taxi team, at the request of the customer, assures services like: Day Tour to the various places of attractions in Cuba, Taxi service throughout Cuba, Local guide service each place in Cuba; Finding, selecting and booking accommodation in ‘casas particulares’, with different formula of accommodation and food; Exclusive taxi reservations, trips to and from La Habana and the main cities of the island; Finding and booking the most characteristic and unforgettable ‘paladar’ of the province; Group or private sauce lessons; Other and possibly upon request of the customer.
Our guides will be at your disposal to help you make the most of your experience to know the history and discover the nature of Cuba.
Our machines are well-cared clasic machines, our drivers are very professional, they speak different languages.

We will make your trip an unforgettable experience!