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Withdrawal: Particular House or Hotel in Havana.

Schedule of begin of the Tour: 07:00.

Type of Tour: In Taxi.

Zone: Havana - Trinidad - Havana.

Time: the Whole Day.

Language: Englishman(English), Italian, Frenchman or Spanish.

Suggestions for the Tour: Camera, Water, Hat, Suntan lotion, swimsuit, garment and Light(Slight) Shoes.

Characteristics of the Tour:

Trinidad is one of the most beautiful cities of Cuba. Declared Heritage(Holdings) of the Humanity for the UNESCO in 1988. It was the third villa founded by the Spanish crown on Cuba, thanks to Diego Velázquez in 1514. Nowadays it is a city - museum with a great architectural colonial heritage(holdings) of the XVIIIth and XIXth century, between(among) which stand out his(her,your) narrow paved streets, his(her,your) precious(beautiful) restored buildings, his(her,your) majestic churches and his(her,your) fantastic courts that grant this typically colonial atmosphere to him(her).

You can enjoy in Trinidad of the following attractive places:
Raise to the tower
It is not a belfry but the tower that Stone-cutter finishes off the former palace, in Simón Bolívar's street, one of the most splendid and luxurious of that it(he,she) had Trinidad. From the high thing there is had the best sight of the squared pattern of paved streets that forms(trains) this colonial jewel; there are seen also the ruins of the hermitage of the Candlemas, at the foot of the Hill of the Watchtower, and the coffee fields and banana plantations that flood of green the surroundings of the city. To the bottom(fund) towards the south, the sea and the beach spies Cove. It(he,she) costs two convertible weight.
A photo in the valley

The valley of the Ingenuities, to approximately ten Trinidad's kilometres for Sancti Spiritus's road, managed to shelter up to 52 factories of sugar, which were working thanks to the workforce(manpower) slave. Nevertheless, the best photo of the valley is a long before entering him(it), a suitably put up signs viewing-point that appears to the left side, soon after going out of Trinidad's urban area. An exceptional sight of this placid place, covered of thousand tones green and festooned by hundreds of royal(real) palms. Then it is necessary to continue up to the Manaca Iznaga, one of these sugar ingenuities, where there remains the only(unique) press of sugar cane that stays, and a haughty tower from where the bailiffs of the boss Iznaga were controlling the slaves.

If you want to be sorry the nature more closely, to be sorry the clean, enclosed air to mount astride, a very good option is The Cuban goes to the Nature reserve, Cabuní's Jump, The valley of the Ingenuities, The Ruins of Ingenuity Sand Idro, The Major Plaza, Convencto of Aiss's San Francisco, etc.
On having finished the visit to these different places his(her,your) chauffeur will accompany them directly on Havana, on his(her,your) Particular House or Hotel.