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Withdrawal: Particular House or Hotel.

Schedule of the Tour: 05:00 or 07:00.

Type of Tour: In Taxi (To Horses, Walking or in Bicycles).

Zone: Havana - Viñales - Havana.

Time: Half A Day or the entire day

Language: Englishman(English), Italian, Frenchman or Spanish.

Suggestions for the Tour: Camera, Water, Hat, Suntan Lotion, Garment and Light(Slight) Shoes.

Characteristics of the Tour:
For the clients who choose to fulfil to Viñales a tour in Taxi, astride, Walking or in bicycles, they will be gathered by one of our choferes by his(her,your) illustrious American cars of the year 1950 to them 05:00. Which one will proceed the tour selecionado to them 07:30 from Viñales for a period of 4-5 hours of excursion, accompanied by one of our guides in language Englishman(English), Italian, Frenchman or Spanish. In the tour they will enjoy the natural beauties and the harmonious coexistence of the traditional methods of the peasants inside the National Park. You will know and disfruterás of the works and agricultural plantations, since it is the Tobacco, the Arabic Coffee(Café), plantations of vegetables, fruits, salads, all elaborated with organic and biological products elaborated by the same peasants. You will learn of the Flora and Fauna that prevails in Viñales, as formations(trainings), rocky. You will prove(try) in House of the Capesino a cigaro to taste the real flavor of the best tobacco of the world. You will have the possibility of doing a bath in one of the natural lakes of the Valley, on having finished the tour, for the clients who find reserved the food or dinner, the estate agrobiológica THE Paradiso will receive them, offering them a typical food of the posto, with an imaginable variety, of vegetables, rice, beans, viandas, meat of pork, chicken, lamb and fish. In end(purpose) a baquete to end, as soon as they find finished return to Havana by his(her,your) choferes directly to the Particular House or Hotel.