November 21, 2017

Things To Know!

Trip to Cuba: things to know before leaving
Useful information, passport, visa, local laws, illnesses and vaccinations, where the Italian Embassy is located: all that is important to know before leaving for Cuba.

You must have a valid passport for the entire duration of your stay. To enter Cuba, Italian citizens must exhibit their passport and a document called ‘Tourist Card’ (Tarjeta de Turista). Those who book an organized trip will receive the card along with other travel documents. Those traveling on their own can obtain it through a travel agency or the airline’s office at which they buy the ticket, or by calling to a Cuban consulate (at the Cuban consulates of Rome and Milan the tourist card is issued upon presentation of the ticket passport and costs about € 25). This document is required for all travelers, including children. The passport number on the travel card must match the passport number you use to travel. The tourist card allows for a four week stay, which can be extended for another four without any difficulty after paying a fee.

All travelers must complete the Customs Declaration for Travelers, providing all the information they require, regardless of the objects they are transporting with the intention of importing them definitively to Cuba or not. However, they must be declared in the same, not including personal belongings that MUST NOT be declared. You will only declare items that are not part of this category and for those you will have to pay customs duties.

It is important to note that even though the freely convertible cash currency in Cuba is free, the amount that the traveler has to pay must be declared only when it is more than $ 5,000 or equivalent.

The official currency is the Cuban weight that is NOT convertible and is normally not used by tourists. For foreigners, the currency is the CUC that follows the euro currencies (1 euro = 1,10 CUC)
The Embassy of Cuba in Italy is located in Via Licinia 7, 00153 Rome; tel. 06 571 72 41, fax 574 54 45. The consulate is in Via Arco 4, 20121 Milano; tel. 02 86 61 67, fax 805 48 26.

To rent a car in Cuba is enough for the Italian license.

It is almost always for a switchboard, although for Italy there is the teleselezione (119 + 39 + subscriber number.) Calls are somewhat expensive. It is cheaper to buy international telephone cards operating only on cabins enabled for communication to the ‘ Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Three are roaming with Cuba, so you can call and receive it on your mobile phone after you have contracted this type of service with your phone operator.

Tropical, with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. The dry season runs from November to April, while the rest of the year there are several humidity and strong, but short, thunderstorms.

Official Spanish. English and Italian are quite widespread.

Less than 6 hours compared to Italy (-7 during summer time).

110 volts. Since power outlets are of American type, we need an adapter for our plugs.